Introducing Le Cheval Nouveau — Art Deco Equestrian Prints & Cards

The Circus GirlI’ve managed to amass a considerable collection of Art Nouveau/Art Deco and vintage prints and postcards.

My impulse to collect started almost accidentally when I came across Victorian postcards featuring women in romantic, dreamy poses standing with horses. These images really appeal to me — I love the dresses, the horses and the women in the pictures. They are theatrical and innocent.

I also love the Art Deco/Art Nouveau period for the linear grace and appeal of the drawings. Then I discovered vintage foxhunting prints and postcards. There is always something new to find.

Part of the appeal of these images is that they fill a niche for me — I rarely find equestrian cards or prints that really appeal to me the way these do.

Periodically I’ve posted bits and pieces of my collection here on Equine Ink. Now they have a website of their own, Le Cheval Nouveau, where you can also order prints and cards. I’m also working on skins for iPhones, iPads and computers, but those will come later.

Because I think the best part of the images is sharing them, I’ve also made it possible to send FREE eCards of the images to anyone you’d like.

So, browse the site, share some images and check back often. I have lots more images to share including some great ones for the holiday season.

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