Keep your cell phone on you!

This cell phone holder fits over your boot.
This cell phone holder fits over your boot.

For the second time in the last six weeks I got a call from someone who was out riding, got thrown, and was hurt in a field. The first time it happened I was away and unable to help; tonight, I jumped in my car and drove right over.

The woman who had been thrown was sore, but not badly hurt. Just as well she had her cell phone on her because she was lying in a dark field, the temperatures were dropping (we’re expecting a low of 39 degrees over night) and if she had not been able to get up, she might have been there until morning or until she was missed. At least she had fallen in the field near the barn (her horse was spooked by a deer). If she’d been out on the trails she would have been much more difficult to find.

I frequently ride alone and it’s something that I worry about. Not enough to keep me from riding, mind you, but enough to consider my strategies. I generally ride only during the day and my obligations are so many that my absence would be noticed before too much time passed.

However, I am guilty of sticking my phone in my saddle bag. That would not do me much good if my saddle bag and I parted company. I have stopped putting it in my pocket because the last time I did that, it popped right out when I was crossing a road. It’s a testament to the durability of Blackberries that it escaped unscathed. I’ve wanted an iPhone for months but maybe my lifestyle is not conducive to a device with such a fragile screen.

Most of these cell phone holders cost around $10. It’s time to invest in one. Here are a few places you can buy one online. Stay safe!

Perri’s Adjustable Cell Phone Holder

Cell Phone Holder


3 thoughts on “Keep your cell phone on you!

    1. Yesterday my horse went from brisk trot to sudden halt as a deer leaped out in front of us. (from 10mph to 0 in a microsecond!) Well the brakes work.
      Thankfully still on, but the cell reminder is good, one never knows what spooky horse things can unseat any rider!

  1. I have a sports bra that has a built in cell phone pocket. I got it for Christmas several years ago, I think its designed for runners. I can’t find it from a quick Google, but they do exist! I like it better than one for your hip or leg, because I feel if you get thrown hard, the phone might get crushed or you couldn’t reach to get it.

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