A guide to trace clips

Peasridge clipper
The Peasride Clipper Advice site provides handy diagrams of different ways to clip.

I rarely do a full clip on my horses since they’ve always spent lots of time outside. However, each year, I do a slight variation on the trace clip depending on how the mood strikes me and how long it takes for me to get a straight line.

One of the resources I’ve always used is the Peasridge Clipper Advice site which shows handy diagrams of the different clip styles.

Here are some of Freedom’s “looks” over the years! I’ve still not decided how I’d like him to end up this year although I’m leaning toward a “Chaser Clip.”


Freedom Irish Clip
Here's Freedom sporting an Irish Clip
Freedom with  a Medium Trace Clip
Freedom with a Medium Trace Clip. I've never quite mastered the swoosh over the hip.
Freedom clipped with a modified Trace Clip
Here is with a modified Trace Clip

5 thoughts on “A guide to trace clips

  1. I’m still debating too. I did a modified trace clip last year that ended with the cut out up the flank. Nothing off the hip. That worked well. I may go with the Irish clip, less work for me. And easier lines.

  2. I’m hoping I don’t have to clip this year. Last year was the first time my horse had to be clipped, and he was outside with no lights. This year he’s under lights, and I’m actually blanketing him on the colder nights because he doesn’t have a lot of coat yet. If he doesn’t get too heavy, I will happily leave him a little fuzzy. Last year he would come in soaking wet from turnout, just dripping everywhere, and riding he would sweat all over, so I HAD to clip him. I’ll do a hunter clip if I have to. But here’s hoping I can avoid it…. (I live in AZ – rides are often in warmer weather, where their hair is just too much!)

  3. I’m so glad I didn’t clip last year – as the weather here in Ireland was extreme (relatively speaking of course!) I was only hacking out 2 or 3 times a week and he stays out in winter. It seemed unfair to have him standing out the rest of the time without his own natural insulation. This year I’m doing a bit more but still not convinced it’s enough for a clip. He was warm and wet after hunting a couple of weeks ago but I kept him in till he dried and cooled, light coat on and he was happy! Is this clipping a ‘human’ thing’?

    1. I’ve tried to go without clipping my horses because I like the idea of them having their own coat. But at least with my TB, clipping really helps because he gets himself SO worked up at times that he gets quite lathered. I worry that without clipping that he’ll get too chilled. My Trakehner was a much more laid back horse and he cooled out more easily. I do agree there’s a ‘human” element to it but at least if they’re clipped you can help them acclimate to the temperature swings.

  4. I use a trace clip on my Shetland Ponies. We compete in driven dressage and in the Fall, they are just now getting fuzzy!

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