How do you evaluate feeding options?

FeedXL Review
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Recently I’ve been taking another look at what I feed Freedom. I’m not riding as much now that hunt season is over and my client work has piled up. It’s quite a change from hunting season where I fed him lunch a lot of days just to keep the weight on him. But it’s also gotten colder and despite his blanket, I know how easy it is for him to drop weight.

To help figure out a good Winter feeding regime, I turned to, an equine nutrition software program. I’ve found it very helpful as I was able to try a number of different options and evaluate them by nutritional profile and calories. The only thing that’s missing from the program is non structural carbohydrate levels, which is why I’m putting together the chart in this post.

Certainly in my opinion, it was $20 well spent. Most importantly because it revealed a few nutritional holes in the regime I was considering.

So, how do you come up with a feeding program for your horse?



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