Horse wreaths for the Holidays

Now this is a fabulous idea for equestrians. I wish I could buy one of these locally . . . but it was posted by someone on Facebook who said their sister makes them. What a brilliant idea.

And, if you have access to horse shoes, and which of us doesn’t? Take a look at some of the cool wreaths you can make with them! Horse Shoe Wreaths.

Horse Wreaths
Deanna Gurugé needs to tell her sister that there are lots of equestrians out there who want one of these!

57 thoughts on “Horse wreaths for the Holidays

  1. Would love to know what frame/base is used. Sure don’t want to make them to sell but would love to have one for myself. Can anyone offer suggestions?

    1. I’m going to make one out of old coat hanger as a base. I am also going to make it with garland so I can use it over and over. I think using the stuff with the fake snow on it for the hair would be soooo neat. I am going to make one tomorrow. I can’t wait! If it works out I would not mind making to some to sell.

  2. I called locally to all wholesalers who carry frames….no go! Chicken wire was my original idea but won’t support…..hmmmm

  3. The lady seriously needs to contact Shark Tank for these! She has received over 10,000 FB likes in less than 3 weeks & she was making them by herself & was only charging $25! There’s a FORTUNE to be made with these & doing other animals too! They are gorgeous.

  4. What creative talent, I too would love to know what was used for the base; everything has been too fragile. Must be a cut board. Too bad she isn’t in Hilliard. :O)

    1. Elizabeth are you saying that you tired styrofoam and florist pins and iit did not work? that was going to be my tack but I won’t try it if you have and don’t recommend it. thanks so much!

  5. Someone from a facebook group I’m in made them using heavy gauge wire for the frame and skinned it with chicken wire. It would have to be a wire you can only bend with a tool for it to hold up to the weight but chicken wire should work if cut slightly bigger than the shape and then wrapped and “tied” back to itself with wire too.

    1. Yikes I was hoping for something a bit easier to handle… though heaven knows there is enough chicken wire and hadware cloth around here… thanks so much. Other attempts??? what materials… all the best for the holidays to everyone!

  6. I just made one, using 1/4″ mesh as my frame. I went to a crafts store and bought greenery to make it(artificial ) so I can have it year to year. It took about 3 hours, and $70.00 to make.

      1. I don’t know what else to call is like chicken wire, only 1/4″ wide holes. We use it to line raised beds for protection against gophers. It is a bit stiffer than chicken wire. It worked great!

      2. wonder if that is what they call “hardware cloth” here in VA?? Gonna check! thanks so much!

      3. I wondered if it was chicken wire. How did you get the shape of the horse head. Was there a pattern that was used for that. I have tried to blow up the picture and got some styrofoam board at the dollar store to trace and use on the chicken wire to get a basic idea. I am not a very good drawer. Lol… Thanks for the info.

      4. I did not use a pattern, I sort of winged it and re shaped it after I cut it out.i do believe the mesh I used was a hardware cloth. It comes in rolls like chicken may go by the name of aviary wire? this is my Facebook page and my photo of my creation is public.

    1. Did you have a horsehead pattern or just wing it. I’m thinking about trying this over the weekend……

      1. Gosh, I don’t know why any of you who are on Facebook cannot see that part of my Facebook site. I made the entire album open to the public. When I view it as “public” I can see it. Let me check my settings again, I set this up so this group can see it.

  7. Also Debby, your idea of blowing it up Is a good one, for the form. The one I copied is a bit different than the 2 pictured above. I put my horses ear more forward…and a bit thinner. I used a pinecone for the eye, it really was easy, and turned out better than I thought. If anyone here wants to know exactly what materials(artificial) I used, I will be happy to share.

    1. Cathy…I can’t get to your tutorial on facebook….can you help me out? I’m on facebook..Tracy (Morrow) Rinks if that helps. Thanks

      1. Thanks to the fantastic tutorial that Cathy posted I was able to make one. I could NOT find enough of the long needled pine and I hunted everywhere. I think I may have the eye in the wrong location – might have to tweek that a bit but I’m pleased with the outcome. I only have approx. $20 in mine. Plan to make another using real pine but I think the fake stuff is probably the easier way to go. Many thanks for your fantastic tutorial

  8. Cathy Whitney I tried your link and couldnot get to it!!!Pretty please friend me on fb Wendy Taylor new York and thank you

    1. Wendy, did you try the tutorial one? I just hit it and it took me to my Facebook…I will try to find you and friend you..

    2. Wendy…do you know how many Wendy Taylor’s there are? I can’t find you(I was looking for someone with a horse) 🙁

      1. Thanks Cathy! got the gist of it… didn’t realize that it was flat…seems so 3-D. very nice!!!

  9. when you put on the garland…it pads it up.Not super flat once you add the mane in. I hope if you make one I hope you show a photo!

  10. The woman at horsehead wreaths on Facebook isn’t taking anymore orders as of today…but she has hired 3 people to help her….and raised the price from $25 to $50 which is still a great price!!!!!

  11. Hi ,Just happen to get an order for horse wreath for Christmas and she showed me the picture, and when I click the picture showed me the link. I can still make some horse wreath if anyone is interested.

  12. I have made four using Cathy’s wonderful tutorial. How do I post a pic here? I took one to my neighbor and hung it on her door while she was shopping on Black Friday. Nice surprise for her when she returned.

    1. Wow…I am soo happy to hear that you were able to create something from my first (and most likely last) tutorial ever,! I had to post my photos on Facebook and make them public. Otherwise I have no idea how to post photos on this site…I made a mini one for my granddaughter and it went together much faster than my first one. Have a super holiday season! Cathy

      1. Your tutorial was top notch Cathy. It took me a bit of time to draw out the shape and I only used up two pencil erasers to get it to my liking… lol. Hubby cut the shapes out of the wire for me and each one was a little better than the previous one. No reason why anyone who wants one can’t make their own using your FANTASIC instruction. Many thanks again for all the effort you put into it.
        Love the idea of a mini one…. best buy some erasers before I start on that!! 🙂
        I plan on leaving mine up for winter as I did it in blue and put snowflakes on it.
        Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

  13. Hi Liz,
    My Facebook page is under Roundwood Florist & Gift Shop base in Roundwood Co. Wicklow. I just posted a picture of the horse wreath that I made for the customer.

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