How do you protect your cell phone when riding?

Lifeproof case for iPhone
Currently I've got the Lifeproof case on my iPhone 4s. My life seems to throw a lot at my phones.

My Christmas present to myself this year was an iPhone. I had a real love/hate relationship with my Blackberry and finally the poor sound quality tipped me over the edge.

The iPhone is sleek, attractive and the sound quality is superb. Since I use a cell phone as my business phone, the ability to talk to my clients while not sounding as if either I, or they, were underwater, is a real bonus.

But the iPhone looks so fragile! Every time I’m in the Apple store I see people with sad faces handing over iPhones with shattered screens. That image put me off buying an iPhone for months. My Blackberry was pretty rugged. I will even admit to dropping it once, while riding, onto a road. Other than the fact that the battery door opened, it was fine. It wasn’t even in a case.

As a rider, my concern is not just protection from impact. Let’s face it — everything I own has small bits of hay and other detritus in every possible space. When I opened up my Blackberry the battery case had an amazing amount of hay debris in it. I know that can’t be good.

Ivyskin Quattro Case
I like the Ivyskin Quattro Case but worry that the glass screen is too fragile for my use.

My iPhone came with an Otterbox Commuter case, but it doesn’t seem like enough to me as it doesn’t have a front screen. I had an Otterbox Defender for the Blackberry and hated it as it added so much bulk, so I’m loathe to go that route for the Iphone. Right now I’ve got a Lifeproof case and an IvySkin Quattro. The Lifeproof is the more durable of the two but it does reduce the sound quality. The IvySkin is sleek and there’s no problem with sound . . . but it uses a glass panel over the screen and that just doesn’t seem like a good idea around horses.

So, I know lots of people enjoy their iPhones at the barn — tell me what you do?

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  1. I have the life proof case! I love it!!!! Mainly because I spend all my days either on my boat or at the barn so waterproof is a necessity for me 🙂

  2. My cell doesn’t work at our farm (we moved over Thanksgiving). During the time I had a Blackberry and a 1st Gen MyTouch, I have managed to thrash on my phones only doing outdoor things and especially at the barn. My biggest complaint is that no matter what, no matter where it is, I always get hay in my phone. Both phones have been dropped into water troughs (falling out of pocket), soaked in rain. They worked until the end. Actually, my MyTouch still works fine, when I have signal.

    Our solution was to upgrade to a wifi calling phone, but then my husband did something better. He bought me a waterproof cordless phone for all my calling needs here at the farm. Better yet, it’s bright yellow, so I can find it outside easily if I set it down. It can get wet. It can get soaked! And if I drop it in a trough or puddle, it floats!

    I wish I had a recommendation for you. But, hopefully I’ll be able to gather recommendations as well, for when I finally have cell signal here at our farm. Because, that has to happen sometime, right?

  3. It’s so old that I don’t remember what gear I have, but it’s an open-face case (purple!) and a good quality screen protector. My previous iPhone had the same setup and one time I dropped it on gravel and stepped on it – the screen protector got jacked up, but the phone had only the tiniest of divots in the screen. In general, they’re just tougher than you think.

    Of course I’m most nervous with a brand-new phone and least worried (now!) with an out-of-contract phone 🙂 Time will help!

  4. I’m a huge fan of the Otterbox *Defender*. The OB commuter doesn’t offer a lot of protection. The defender is pricey, but paid for itself in the first week. I wasn’t used to the clip (can also be used as a stand) and accidentally clipped it to my breeches in “stand” mode. It feel off at the canter from a foot or so above 16hh 🙂 into sand. Oh no, electronics and SAND!!!.

    I thought for sure I’d just ruined my marriage. Once I located it, I was stunned to see not only was it fine, but back in the safety of the car, when I dismantled the case, not a grain of sand had penetrated. I’ve since dropped it on cement (no problem), the floor and had it flicked off my breeches by a carrot nosing horse and skitter down the cement aisle. Totally. Fine.

    As you can see, I’m sold. It’s geekishly clunky, which doesn’t bother me, (but might bother some iPhone users) and has good-grips side and back surfaces.

    I bought the electric red, to better find it in, um, dark or trail-like areas…

  5. I actually have a Blackberry and it is fabulous. I’ve never had a problem with the sound like you said but I have only used an iPhone a few times. I do have an iPod and have had nothing but trouble and I’m pretty sure Apple is out to get me and steal my money, so I steered clear of them when I got a phone. My Blackberry seems to thrive on all the bits of hay and dropping on concrete, and wet muzzles because it keeps on going. I’m also a little scared of the big glass screen on the iPhone.

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