Cooky McClung understands

Horsefolks are Still Different
Cooky McClung's books are "must reads" for all equestrians.

Last night I was lying in bed reading Cooky McClung’s book, Horsefolks are Still Different. I’ve had her books for many years and while they are a bit battered and worn, I still laugh out loud when I read them.

I vividly remember reading her columns in the Chronicle of the Horse back in the 70s when I was a teen living in New York City and counting down the hours until I could ride on the weekends.

Here’s someone who understands horse people: our eccentricities, our passion and our single-minded pursuit of all things related to horses.

When I was out riding today, one of the things I read last night popped into my mind. She wrote:

That even though I take the same trails week after week, year after year, every ride is different.

My husband sometimes marvels that I still love to ride and spend time with my horse. I’ve had my own horse now for nearly 20 years and, other than a few days a year, I look forward to my time at the barn every day. And yes, I’ve been riding the same trails for the past 10 years and still love them.

This afternoon the birds were singing, the sun was still warm and there was a light breeze. The light was beautiful and my ride gave me a true sense of calm. Freedom was alert and curious, looking forward to our adventure.

Cooky does such a great job explaining the way that horse people think that maybe I should have my husband read the book! Just like with horses, I can read her columns over and over and still enjoy them every time. Here’s a hint: if you’ve never read her columns you must buy her books!

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