The herd grows

Out to Pasture
I drove by this horse for months wondering if I would ever see someone out playing with him.

Last September I posted a photo of a bouncing horse that was sitting in a field next to a road I drive down (Out to Pasture). It struck me that the horse looked lonely — I never saw a child playing with it.  The toy reminded me of one I had when I was a kid.

The addition of the second horse made the first one look happier.

Then one day last November, a second horse appeared — a friend, at last! The two bouncing horses were together all winter and while I still never saw a child playing with them, at least they had each other (every horse needs a turnout buddy). The new horse was smaller, and his addition made the pair look playful.

The herd
The newest horse is larger and more elegant than the first two. Perhaps the child is getting taller and needs a larger mount.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving down the road and was amazed to see that a third horse has joined the herd. The newest addition is a larger more elegant horse than the first two. He’s quite a handsome paint and he looks a bit newer than the rest. I particularly like how they’ve been arranged in the new spring grass. It’s almost as if they are getting to know each other. Or perhaps, they are having a tea party.

I don’t worry about the bouncing horses anymore. Even though I have still never seen a child playing with them it’s obvious they are well loved.

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  1. I remember your original story and photo. Loving the update and photo with the little patch of lush spring grass left especially for them to share! Rather handsome chaps.

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