Hunting for foxes

These elephant ears are right before the bridge leaving the farm
These elephant ears are right before the bridge leaving the farm.

On Sunday morning Freedom and I went hunting for foxes. Not foxhunting. Nope, I’d heard there were fox cubs in a den that I’d seen a few years back, so I saddled up and rode out to find them in the quiet of the early morning.

It was an amazingly beautiful out with so many flowering shrubs in their full glory and the grass in the meadows so tall that it brushed my feet. In places you could barely see the path. I think the first cutting hay will be magnificent.

We didn’t find the cubs but near the den we saw one of the healthiest, handsomest foxes! He or she had a huge, bushy tail that was tinged with black. Although the fox didn’t seem too worried about me, I wasn’t able to get close enough to snap a picture. My only complaint about the iPhone is that it’s difficult to ride AND operate the zoom function on the camera. I followed the fox for about five minutes until it went into someone’s yard. Obviously, it was out hunting

This hay field is just so inviting
This hay field is just so inviting!

for the cubs. I hope I see them soon. When there were cubs there a few years ago they were so curious and playful; it was hard sometimes to remember that they were wild animals and shouldn’t be coaxed over for a pat.

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  1. Were you looking at the den near Lincoln Center? Looks like a lovely ride 🙂

  2. It sounds like such a peaceful, adventerous, lifetime-memory type of morning. I love that on horseback we can see so much more of nature than just on foot. Thank you for sharing your story!

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