Philippe Fournier demonstrates the importance of helmet fit

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French rider Philippe Fournier demonstrates the consequences of wearing a poorly fitted helmet during his ride at the CIC3* in Arville. See the full sequences of the two (yes two) times he loses his helmet at

In an unintentional demonstration of the importance of helmet fit — or lack thereof — French eventer Philippe Fournier loses his helmet twice on course at the CIC 3* in Arville. Yes, it actually falls off twice, the second time during a dramatic and almost catastrophic fall.

The photo sequences, taken by Eventing Photo photographer Hanna Broms, are posted on the Riders4Helmets website, Helmet on the Run – Why You Should Wear a Correctly Fitting Helmet.

It’s hard to imagine that a rider at that level doesn’t know how to properly fit his helmet. During the sequence over the water jump, it slides so far down over his eyes that it must have been difficult to see where he was going.

Unfortunately I see lots of people wearing helmets that slide around their heads. I wonder if they realize how seriously wrong it can go during a bad fall.

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  1. I came off of my green horse twice earlier this week out on a trail ride. The visor on my helmet came lose but otherwise the helmet didn’t budge. Thank goodness! Annette at News From Aspen Meadows

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