We battened down the hatches

Yesterday we battened down the hatches, kept our fingers crossed and waited for Hurricane Sandy to hit the Boston area.

We didn’t experience a direct hit. In fact, it wasn’t until after mid day that the winds really started to howl. I live the closest to the barn, so I fed last night around 5 p.m. We had kept the horses in separate paddocks and I had put halters on them in the morning — just in case the fencing came down and we needed to catch them.

Two of the horses (not mine) were tucked up in their stalls looking out at the pouring rain with the superior air of those that are dry and comfortable. The other two, Freedom and Willow, were standing by the fence line completely drenched and looking spooked by the wind.

I managed to tempt them into the barn to eat and then left a generous supply of hay in the stalls. We never shut them in but I hoped that they would come to their senses and at least come in out of the rain.

I stopped putting Freedom in a stall the day after I got him — about five years ago, now — after he rubbed his neck bloody from weaving with his head over the top of the Dutch door. I decided that a bit of rain and wind is preferable than having him lose his mind by being confined. Certainly, it wasn’t cold out last night so they should be fine.

I haven’t made it over to the barn this morning yet — we have no power (other than our generator) and there are lots of roads closed right now. But the sun is coming out and I’m hoping that it will look a lot calmer over there.

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  1. My baby boy lives outside with just a buddy and a run-in, in a paddock filled with trees. I haven’t been able to get to the barn because of some trees and powerlines down on the roads between my house and the barn, but my sister stopped by and saw him today. She said, while filthy, he was fine and happy. So I am sure your guys are too! Hope your power comes back soon!

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