And then there were four

If you’ve been following my blog you may have noticed a series of photos that I’ve taken of bouncing horses that are in a field next to a road I drive by.

First there was just one. Then that horse got a friend. And another.

Recently a fourth was added to the herd. In a true depiction of herd dynamics, the newcomer hung back for awhile, seeming to be reluctant to join the herd. Within a week, though, he was right in the thick of things! The newcomer is a different “breed” than the others. Smaller in size, I guess you’d have to say he’s a gaited horse.

I’ve still never seen a child playing with these horses but someone sure is having fun! (I never move the horses, I just photograph them as I find them).

Joining the Herd
The first time I saw the fourth horse he looked reluctant to join the herd.

Within a week, he was in the thick of it

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