2013 Horses & Hope Calendar available now!

Looking for a Holiday gift for a horsey friend? The Annual Horses & Hope calendar is the perfect solution as you get the great photos taken by Sarah K. Andrew AND support a great cause. According to Sarah,

When you buy a Horses and Hope Calendar you help to support the
When you buy a Horses and Hope Calendar you help to support the

Like last year, 100% of the calendar’s profit is donated to One Horse At A Time, a 501(c)(3) charity. The 2013 calendar features a wider variety of equine subjects than the 2012 calendar, which focused on horses at Camelot Auction in New Jersey. Horses and Hope: Faces of Rescue contains over 100 photos of horses and dozens of inspirational stories and quotes, and represents almost three years of volunteer work. In addition to my home state of New Jersey, I traveled to New York, Kentucky, Virginia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and visited horses at equine rescues, as well as in their adopted homes.

One Horse at a Time does not house rescues, instead the organizations provides grants to help rescues and also local horse people. Last year, they gelded over 250 horses with the funds, and also provided emergency feed and surgery grants. 317 horses were helped in total with the $40,000 that the calendar generated last year.

Rosebud is one of the featured equines in the 2013 Horses and Hope Calendar. For just $15 you can support this great cause.

In addition to the great photos, the stories of the featured equines is inspirational. Take Rosebud, for example. This Grand Damme iNow the mascot of Central Virginia Horse Rescue, Rosebud was originally an Amish mule who was purchased at auction for $50 and was described as a “bag of bones”.

Rosebud is the official mascot of Central Virginia Horse Rescue. Originally an Amish work mule, she was purchased at auction for $50. She was described as a “bag of bones”. She’s in her late twenties/early thirties. She even has her own Facebook page, where she dispenses words of wisdom.

You can purchase your calendar from Hoofprints.



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