A look back at our hunt season

Disclaimer: For those who are concerned about foxes — our hunt is a “drag” hunt which means that we “chase” a scent of anise oil that is laid down in the morning by human foxes. No actual foxes are involved. It’s all about the chase, not the capture.

2012 was a great year for our hunt. The hounds were great, the weather was fine and everyone had a lot of fun. I missed quite a few of the fall hunts because of Freedom’s abscesses, but I was still able to ride in some of the best ones.

I put together a slide show for our hunt dinner with some of the highlights. If these photos of people having fund don’t make you want to try foxhunting . . .

Keep in mind that I took many of these photos while riding. I have perfected the art of riding one handed and of course deleted the many photos of my saddle and the ground! I didn’t take all the photos. We are very lucky to have several dedicated photographers who come to our hunts and then share the bounty with our members.

6 thoughts on “A look back at our hunt season

    1. Hi Melinda, No worries here. We don’t hunt “real” foxes — we have human foxes that lay down a track of anise oil early in the morning. For us, it’s all about the chase, not the capture! ONBH is what’s called a “drag” hunt.

    1. The videos are posted on YouTube so if they won’t play you probably need to update your plug-ins. Hope that helps!

  1. Love the photos. What beautiful animals (horses and dogs). There is always one in the bunch that can’t stand hunting. My brother isn’t a hunter but his 12 year old daughter is, they are quite a pair to watch. She asked him one day why he didn’t like hunting and he told her it just isn’t for me but I am glad you and your grandpa can enjoy it together and she replied, you should just give me your man card right now dad. HAHAH kids…. what a pain.

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