Horse farm cover for drug operation

Where are the horses? Where is the manure?
Where are the horses? Where is the manure?

You would think that they would have put a couple of horses in the paddock to add some realism.

Maybe that was the giveaway — or maybe it was the lack of manure! A Canadian “horse farm” was revealed to be a clever cover for an underground marijuana farm. The quaint looking paddock and stalls looked ready for horses but up close you could see that it was constructed

Fake Stable
The run in shed hid vents used to regulate the underground environment.

from plywood and was merely a diversion. Instead of stalls, the sheds were cover for vents that were used to regulate the environment of the growing bunker.

Underground growing chamber
This was what they were really farming!

Underneath the “farm” was a multi-million dollar cannabis growing operation. More than 10,000 plants were seized.

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  1. Not very bright. The manure would certainly have helped mask the smell of the plants. (Not that I’m encouraging pot farming!) And horses would certainly have provided a nice hole in which to legally toss millions, lol.

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