How you can help horse owners in Oklahoma

Horses rescued from debris
Some horse have been rescued from the debris; others are missing.

The massive tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma has left at least 24 people dead and hundreds injured — but it has also killed or displaced thousands of animals. Below is a list of ways that you can help the horse community recover.

Please be careful when making donations to check the legitimacy of the charitable organization. Sadly, there are many scammers who take advantage of the good will of others.

In addition to funds, horse owners need supplies and feed for their surviving horses. Many of those who have lost horses have asked for friends to send them photos.

Plain as Bay Eventing

Sky and Randy Weidner’s barn, apartment and truck were destroyed and they lost all 12 horses. Friends have set up the Randall Weidner Catastrophe Trust at the Wells Fargo

Plain as Bay eventing
Plain as Bay Eventing run by Sky and Randy Weidner had their barn and apartment destroyed and lost all twelve horses.

Bank. Donations can also be made through Paypal using

Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences is offering care for animals injured during the storm. Owners and referring veterinarians can call 405/744-7000 to arrange for care. Meanwhile, contributions to defray the cost of this care can be made online at or by calling 405/385-5607.

The Benchmark Animal Hospital in Carney, Okla., is offering help to storm-injured animals. Call 405/547-8381 for details.

The Orr family, operators of Orr Family Farm, have established a hotline for those wishing to contribute to the farm’s recovery. Call 405/283-2258 to register.

Blind horse survives tornado
Fiona, a blind horse, managed to get inside her barn before the tornado hit. Although the building collapsed around her, she survived for at least 16 hours before she was found. Click on the photo to be taken to the news story.
Red Earth Feed and Tack in Oklahoma City is collecting contributions of halters, lead ropes, and other equipment, as well as feed and cash contributions to compensate veterinarians providing storm-related animal care. Call 405/478-3424 for details.

The Women’s Horse Industry Network is collecting donations for storm impacted horse owners. Visit or call 615/730-7833 for details.

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is accepting donations for those affected by the tornadoes. Contributions of non-perishable food items, toiletries, gloves, buckets, and shovels can be brought to the AQHA headquarters in Amarillo, Texas. Call 806/376-4811 for details.

Equi-Center Veterinary Hospital :Michael J Wiley 6600 W Rock Creek Road Norman, OK 73072-2019 405-366-9328 just tell them you want to donate to Tornado victims. You can pay by credit card or send checks. He has many clients that have lost everything.

The Horsemen’s Benevolent Fund

The Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma (TRAO) and the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association (OQHRA) have created a Benevolence Account for horsemen impacted by the storms. 

If you want to make a donation using a credit or debit card please call OQHRA at 405-216-0440.  Checks should be made payable to either TRAO Benevolence Fund or OQHRA Benevolence Fund and put 2014 Tornado on the memo line.  Your donations may be sent to the following locations.  Please download and attach the form to send with your payment.

  • Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma
    2620 NW Expressway Suite A
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
  • Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association
    P. O. Box 2907
    Edmond, OK 73083

Animal Resource Center, Inc.

Oklahoma Animal Lost & Found Tornado Group

Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Assoc. is taking donations

Horse Feathers Equine Rescue

Horse Feathers is collecting donations via our Hay For The Hungry Program,assisting with feed and medical supplies for those animals displaced by the recent tornados…Donations are tax deductible. PayPal donations may be directed to:

Horse Evacuations East

Horse Evacuations East (HEE) is an all-volunteer organization created on Facebook as a clearing house of information to assist horse owners in times natural disaster. HEE administrators across the United States volunteer their time on an as needed basis in rotating shifts in times of natural disasters. HEE facilitates horse owners to find transport, shelter and provides a list of volunteers with these resources when a natural disaster hits their area. HEE also offers disaster tips and resources.

The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer charity organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives pets and the people who love them by providing pet food to low-income seniors, US Veterans and the homeless.

All donations received are going directly to Oklahoma Tornado disaster victims with animals and the care of animals that were displaced during the storms.

(This list was compiled using information from the COTH forum, and

Equine Rescue Network

Hope4Horses’ EquineRescueNetwork (ERN) allows equine advocates to connect,
collaborate and contribute to help at risk horses. We are a Registered 501c3 charity.
Donations may be made at ALL contributions go to help at risk horses.

Please send me the names of other organizations if you know of any I should add to this list.

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