Welcome Zelda!

Zelda has settled into her new home. New England? No problem!

Zelda thinks she might want to be a foxhunter when she grows up so she has come to stay with me for the summer and fall to test the theory. For me, it was like Christmas in June! How lucky am I to get a beautiful horse to ride while Freedom is in recovery?

She arrived this morning from North Carolina and settled right into her new abode.  I’m very excited to ride her — she’s a beautiful horse who seems very level headed. After 13 hours on the trailer, though, I thought she’d enjoy a day off!

So far Zelda has been the epitome of laid back. She trotted around her paddock a few times, had a roll and then proceeded to eat. She touched noses with Curly and

Zelda meets Curly
Zelda and Curly meet.

likes to know that Curly and Fortune are close by, but has not shown any anxiety. I’ve checked on her a few times throughout the day and she acts like she’s lived here for months. Nice to see her settle in so quickly.

“So where’s Sheldon?” you might ask. Sheldon is summering on Cape Cod where he has his own working student to focus just on him. He is still available for adoption through CANTER NE.

Freedom continues to recover nicely. My greatest challenge now is keeping him calm. I’m trotting him for up six minutes during a ride (a minute at a time) but we’ve had some impromptu cantering in place and a few spectacular spooks. I can’t wait until I can take him out and just let him roll . . . but that’s a ways off still.

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