Great form over that coop!

Click on the photo to go to Middleburg Photo's Facebook page.
Click on the photo to go to Middleburg Photo’s Facebook page.

Piedmont Hounds had an unexpected member of the field. Put a saddle on it! That cow jumps better than some horses I’ve seen.

The photo is great but some of the comments are really funny.

  • Scopey steak!
  • next time someone calls my horse and old cow, I will whip this out of my pocket HAHA!
  • Since a cow jumped over the moon I guess a coop’s not too much of a stretch right
  • That’s that new lean beef concept right?
  • This is udderly crazy!!
  • Virginia Warmblood??
  • Hope she doesn’t miss. It would be udder destruction!
  • Milkshake!

Photo by Middleburg Photo.

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