Horse power

horse power pulls fiber optic cables
Claude Desmarais and his Belgian draft horse Fred, pull fiber optic cables in rural areas not accessible by conventional vehicles.

Even 21st century technology can sometimes benefit from some good old fashioned horse power. Take Fred, one of the Belgian workhorses owned and driven by Claude Desmarais. Fred isn’t pulling a carriage for tourists in Central Park. No, he’s pulling fiber optic cable through the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

When the terrain is too rugged for conventional fiber installation crews, Desmarais and his draft horses step up to the plate. It is thanks to this “old fashioned” draft technology that parts of rural Vermont — and other states with similar issues — are getting lit up with fiber.

For more than three decades Desmarais and his teams have been in demand and there’s no sign of his workload dropping off. After all, Fred’s not only effective, he’s sustainable — he barely impacts his environment, even when crossing private land and he leaves fertilizer wherever he goes. No extra charge!

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  1. There will always be a place for low tech. I hope folks remember this enough not to lose sight of how important it is to retain knowledge of any sort that, in this moment, if you are not a horse person, appears unnecessary…

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