Would you horse do this?

I’m thinking that Freedom would completely lose it when we had to walk over the tarp in between the tires, so we wouldn’t get very far! Zelda seems like she might do better. So far haven’t run into anything that really scares her.



5 thoughts on “Would you horse do this?

  1. I like everything but the tarps on the ground. Why teach a horse to walk over something that in the real world would cause problems? Like building supplies, or a swimming pool. Teach them to walk confidently AROUND a tarp, maybe have a fan causing a scary flap or something.

  2. We have an “Extreme Cowboy” event here in Hawaii where they do all these kinds of things — at speed. The kids (and adults of all ages) have a really good time. I’ve seen the noodle obstacles BLOWING in a very stiff wind, far more frightening than the calm weather on this fine Ohio day. Great horse, by the way : ~ ))

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