Holiday Horseshoes

There’s been so much interest in my horse wreaths posts that it inspired me to to make my own horse-related decorations. I had intended to make a horseshoe wreath but it was difficult to find shoes that were matching in size (my farrier made a donation to my crafting efforts) and the sheer weight of that many horseshoes was daunting.

I decided to go small scale and decorate individual shoes. First my husband helped me by removing the clips, then I scrubbed them up and sprayed them with gold paint. After that, I let my imagination run wild.

These first ones are for a silent auction fundraiser for my hunt club, but I had so much fun that I’m planning to make a few more for friends (and one for myself, of course!)

Decorated horse shoe
Horseshoes are ancient symbols of good luck and protection. Useful to have around the house!
decorated horseshoe
Using worn (or “upcycled”) shoes are supposed to bring particularly good karma because they bring with them the spirit of the horse that wore them.
decorated horse shoe
The possibilities for decorating them are pretty endless — I’m partial to the flowers myself and will probably make one like this for myself.

What do you think?

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