What’s better than freshly fallen snow?

Fresh snow
I only had a scant half hour to ride but I couldn’t miss out on the pleasure of laying down the first tracks in the field next to the barn.

The only thing better than fresh snow is being the first person to ride in it!

The lure of virgin snow is strong. It begs to be cantered through, throwing powder around you. Leaving your tracks behind. The best rides of the season are on fluffy powder.

The first snowfall we had this season, on Saturday night, was spoiled by a thick crust of ice. Although I tried hard to ride on Sunday, it wasn’t fun for me or for Freedom. By Monday, the skiers and snow shoers had packed the trails down enough to be enjoyable and Freedom and I had a nice ride on Monday, but it wasn’t the fluffy cloud-like snow I coveted.

Tuesday was so cold — 0 degrees at 7:30 a.m. — that the snow did more than squeak — as I fed the horses, the shards of ice that broke through the crust sounded like breaking glass. My nose hairs froze as I walked in between the barns.

Tuesday afternoon is snowed again and this time we got perfect snow. About five inches of light powder that is the best to ride in. Unfortunately, Wednesdays are the worst day of the week for me in terms of riding. Work, my daughter’s orthodontist appointment and her crew practice took up most of the day but I was able to slip in a short but exhilarating ride on Zelda. When she got going the snow flew and so did she.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “What’s better than freshly fallen snow?

  1. I’m jealous! All we’ve gotten here in Orange, VA, is sleet and freezing rain…this weekend it’s going to be in the upper 60’s with more rain. Oh well, that just means lots of clover in the Spring…

  2. I can just picture it: the “glass,” that sense of satisfaction being the FIRST to make the steps in the snow, the frozen nose hairs. Reminds me of when I lived outside Chicago as a teen and pasture boarded my Quarter Horse. Thank you for the sweet picture.

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