Dressage movements not in the tests . . . that should be

Dressage Dismount
The dressage dismount. Doesn’t Mary Wanless always say that if your horse got taken away from under you, you should land on your feet?

Love this article from Horse Nation–8 Movements that aren’t in the new FEI dressage tests, but should be ! I have personally executed several of these movements in the dressage ring.

Not the one to the left, thank goodness, but for sure the Spook at Judge, Buck You, and the Snob.

What about you?

5 thoughts on “Dressage movements not in the tests . . . that should be

    1. Thanks for sharing your post! You are right. Sometimes it is best to listen to that inner voice that tells us not to ride. Especially on the days when you feel rushed.

  1. I’ve seen some sights while volunteering. One horse without fail would trot up from A rear spot on at X then carry on to C.

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