Who knew I was so fashionable?

Frye Rider Boots
You would think that for the $400+ price tag that come with these Frye Rider boots they’d throw in more authentic looking spurs!

I’m always a bit embarrassed when I have to stop at the grocery story in full riding regalia — breeches, boots, and sometimes I discover I’m still wearing my spurs. I live in a town where showing up like that doesn’t draw a lot of stares (more likely I run into other riding folks I know), but still . . .

Well, I won’t cringe any longer. At the airport last week I saw a woman wearing “equestrian inspired” boots with wimpy little fake spurs attached to them!

At least my spurs are authentic.

4 thoughts on “Who knew I was so fashionable?

  1. I think we equestrians are all fashion icons and the envy of non-equestrian fashionistas. I mean, every ad for Ralph Lauren. . . Actually, the last time I was at Nordstrom I had a chuckle at the fake laced paddock boots they were selling. I thought I could just go home and clean up my actual paddock boots and wear them about town!

    1. I gave my non-riding son Ariat paddock boots for Christmas and he gets tons of compliments on them. So yes, were are all fashion icons.

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