Now That’s What I’d Call a Ditch

Ditches can be a real issue cross country. Some horses don’t mind them — the first time I trotted Zelda down to a ditch she hopped over it without a second glance. Freedom, on the other hand, hates them. He is sure that they are horse traps, designed to swallow him up forever. Of course, if we were to try jumping something like this ditch, he’d have a point.  How about your horses? Will they jump ditches?


3 thoughts on “Now That’s What I’d Call a Ditch

  1. o.m.g.
    this gives me heart palpitations…
    ours will happily jump irrigation ditches, especially if we’re walking them on a lead and we go first. this, however, um… NO.

  2. My Arab will jump them, although she doesn’t care for them all that much. I would bet everything I have, however, that she would never in her life jump this ditch. :O

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