Talk about a “skinny” fence!

Skinny fence
Le Cadre Noir from Samur, France, demonstrate how to jump a true “skinny” fence.

Skinny fences are always hard. They require riding toward them with absolute accuracy and determination. It’s oh-so-easy for your horse to “miss” a fence that is half as wide as normal. Sometimes, to practice, I’ll set up a vertical barrel. Coming down toward that, it looks very skinny indeed.

Consider then, the challenge of jumping a fence like the one pictured to the left, which is narrower than the width of the horse.

This rider from the Cadre Noir makes it look easy.


5 thoughts on “Talk about a “skinny” fence!

  1. That is seriously impressive! One vertical barrel is impressive too…I have done 1 horizontal barrel but vertical would be tough. That is really neat.

    1. Liz Goldsmith

      As long as the fence stays up and the horse technically goes over it, I don’t think there’s a problem with straddling it!

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