Talk about a “skinny” fence!

Skinny fence
Le Cadre Noir from Samur, France, demonstrate how to jump a true “skinny” fence.

Skinny fences are always hard. They require riding toward them with absolute accuracy and determination. It’s oh-so-easy for your horse to “miss” a fence that is half as wide as normal. Sometimes, to practice, I’ll set up a vertical barrel. Coming down toward that, it looks very skinny indeed.

Consider then, the challenge of jumping a fence like the one pictured to the left, which is narrower than the width of the horse.

This rider from the Cadre Noir makes it look easy.

5 thoughts on “Talk about a “skinny” fence!

  1. That is seriously impressive! One vertical barrel is impressive too…I have done 1 horizontal barrel but vertical would be tough. That is really neat.

  2. do they mark down for the legs not clearing the height as well? (seems like the hind legs could pass by either side without hitting it..

    1. As long as the fence stays up and the horse technically goes over it, I don’t think there’s a problem with straddling it!

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