Saturdays are for hunting

After a week of rain, clouds and raw, fall weather, Saturday was a gift: high 50s, sunny and perfect for hunting. Friday I debated which horse to hunt (nice problem!) and decided that since I hadn’t ridden Freedom since Tuesday, he would be too much of a handful. Zelda was pretty feisty too — to the point where I wondered if today would be the day she bucked me off.

But I underestimated her. She was great. I’ve been easing her into jumping while hunting and she was fabulous. I couldn’t stop grinning.

Here are some of the photos from the day — and also a short video that I took to capture the sound of hunting. Our huntsman was calling the hounds in at the end of the run and you can hear them in the background.

This was the route we rode on Saturday. We hunted the first two pieces and then hacked back to the beginning. It was a little over 6 miles.
Fall Foliage
The foliage was still pretty even after several days of rain.
Zelda at Delaney
Waiting for the cast. Zelda is very keen about hunting but she was remarkably well behaved, especially given how little I was able to ride the for the days up to the hunt. (Photo credit: Suzanne Adams)
Hunt Whip
Another beautiful hunt whip!
Gone Home
The huntsman calling in the hounds with “Gone Home”. I love how the light catches the horn.
Over the pond
At the end of the hunt, we gathered overlooking the pond.



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  1. I can’t get enough of your hunt photos. I contacted a Southern CA hunt recently to see if I could go as a guest. It has been just too hot here for it to be pleasant. Hopefully later this year. 🙂

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