31 years and holding

Who said that Thoroughbreds can’t jump? If you look at the jumper ring today, most of the horses you’ll see are warmbloods. When I was growing up, almost all the jumpers were Thoroughbreds. It just so happens that the horse that set inside Puissance record (back in 1983) was Sweet ‘n Low, a 17.1 hand Thoroughbred ridden by Anthony d’Ambrosio. The pair cleared 7’7 1/2″. I can’t even imagine riding down to a wall like that and having a horse that would consider it a jump! The record still stands.

6 thoughts on “31 years and holding

  1. That is impressive!! I agree with you, I’ve never ridden a horse that would even consider that a jump. Actually, I would probably chicken out regardless of which horse I was on….

  2. This is terrifying. I’m always afraid the horse will break a leg whenever I watch puissance … and I wouldn’t dare jump anything I couldn’t look over *shudder*

  3. Oh wow. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know a Thoroughbred still owned the indoor puissance record, although I did know about Huaso and his world high jump record. I’m a huge fan of the Thoroughbred horse.

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