Hedge hopping Tips

One of my dreams/nightmares is to go hunting in England or Ireland. While I feel fairly competent about navigating the territories that I hunt, hunting in the UK is an entirely different proposition.

Hedge Hopping
Blackthorn and Brooks offers foxhunting holidays (and some tips for Americans who might find some of the obstacles a tad intimidating).

Here’s a video that was put together by Blackthorn & Brook, a company that organizes riding and foxhunting vacations in England, that gives you some tips on “Hedge Hopping”. Certainly their rider makes it look easy enough and her advice is sound — strong legs, light hands and sit up! Of course, if it were me galloping down to one of those hedges, the loudest sound would be the beating of my heart.

Certainly, if I ever get up the nerve to try this, it’s going to be on a horse that already knows how to do it!

Watch the video and also read their blog post on Hedge Hopping Tips, then let me know if it’s in your future.

7 thoughts on “Hedge hopping Tips

  1. oooh this is a great video… but i probably need to solidify those principles in the arena first before testing them out on a hunt… one day tho!!

  2. Hi, it’s Megan from Blackthorn & Brook. Thanks for the mention, I love your blog! Come and put my advice into practice with us one day maybe?! Best wishes from the other side of the pond, and happy hunting!

  3. Really digging your blog! I just found you online, and it’s nice to see a good horse blog out there. I just started my own, and it’s still in its infancy at this point. Looking forward to your future posts!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Send me your blog URL and I will add it to the Equine Ink Facebook page. On the Facebook page I have an ongoing Blog Carnival with contributor’s blog posts appearing with links back to their blog.

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