Another reminder to wear your helmet . . . and buckle the strap

This story was posted on a Facebook Foxhunting site with permission to share it. It’s a closed group so I didn’t post a link. Please remember to wear your helmet and to make sure it’s properly secured. I know that some people will argue that not all injuries could be prevented by wearing a helmet, but this one could have been.

Head injury
Yes, that’s a hoof print on this woman’s head.

So, with all the debates on Facebook lately about helmet or no helmet or even inadequate helmets while riding I thought I’d share this and please feel free to post it forward. This is a picture of my friends head. This happened while sitting quietly on her horse at a show. She had her approved helmet on but had not fastened the chin strap. The helmet was fitted and new just as it should be but it didn’t help her due to it not being properly secured. While sitting quietly her horse took a step back and tripped over the edge of a trailer ramp that had been left down, her horse fell and in its scramble to get up STOOD on her HEAD. Her injury2helmet had come off in the fall and Karen’s skull was crushed, and yes that is a hoof print on her head.

I was extremely lucky to visit Karen in hospital after she was released from intensive care. I say lucky because I should have been paying my last respects at her funeral as the surgeons didn’t know if she would pull through.

After the incident Karen was left with muscular weakness, crippling headaches and lost her sense of smell. On top of this her short term memory was lost and some long term. She had a young daughter and husband whom she couldn’t remember and was extremely confused for a time after the accident. Now, ask her if she would ever consider riding with out a helmet or if she would put her daughter at risk by allowing her to ride with out one. Is vanity really worth risking this for.

After seeing photos like these I think I’m going to have to start wearing my helmet the whole time I’m around horses.

3 thoughts on “Another reminder to wear your helmet . . . and buckle the strap

  1. I have been thinking about wearing a helmet too all the time. My friend was a professional Grand Prix who had a career ending skull fracture from a fall over a low, “easy” fence. He now suffers from Parkinson’s as a consequence of that fall. He’s been after me to upgrade my riding helmet, and to wear one when I catch my boy in the field because the other horses crowd around looking for attention and a possible treats. He fears an accident with them kicking at each other.

    It doesn’t hurt to wear one. I often forget to take mine off. I really don’t understand all the negativity around wearing a helmet. I’m convinced it’s nothing more than vanity.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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