More snow
The horses were out in the snow, not much bothered by the bitter cold. It’s actually a good sign that their blankets are covered in snow; it means they are well insulated.

Just when we’d almost dug out from the last storm, we’ve been hit by another.  This one came with less fanfare, very few ominous warnings in the media, and no driving ban but it dumped almost as much snow on us and left the roads nearly impassible.

Thankfully, I didn’t need to walk to the barn today because I think that the high temperature today was 11 degrees!

The horses were fine, although they didn’t get their breakfast icicleuntil it was quite late. They were out in the snow and looked more like icicles than horses.

Freedom in particular was dripping with icicles.

Let’s look at the bright side. With all the snow, the laceration on his foot is staying clean and it’s giving his hooves (which were tender and cracking from the hard ground) a chance to recover.

snowshoesBut I’m ready for the daily high to be more than 15! But I’m going to keep my snow shoes handy for the foreseeable future.

10 thoughts on “Horsicle

    1. Not sure I could handle that kind of cold with any kind of grace. This morning it was 5 and with windchill it was -8. That’s enough to drive me into hibernation!

      1. Lol, you get used to it when you grow up in a place like this. This winter has be ridiculous so far, even for here. But the days are getting longer steadily, so there is hope!

  1. Wow, I am so impressed with how you’re handling this — if I had to wear ski’s to see my horse I think I’d just throw in the towel!!

  2. Hi, just started blogging a couple of days ago. Yours is the first “other” blog I’ve read. My daughter has a horse, rides, and works at a barn. It’s been cold even for those us in the South. though I’m glad it’s not a typical situation for us. I cannot imagine having to deal with this kind of weather on a regular basis. I enjoyed your point about how the snow covering the horse blankets was a good sign. That it meant they were well insulated. That never occurred to me! Then again, it’s my daughter that rides not me. I’ve just stood outside watching her during lessons the last ten years. 🙂 My daughter did deal with wind chills of 8 degrees the other night when she fed, but at least she didn’t have to deal with snow on top of that!

    1. Welcome to blogging! I started Equine Ink back in 2008, just for the chance to write about something that I love, and it amazes me that I can still find things to talk about. One of the really fun side benefits of blogging is that I’ve had the chance to “meet” so many other bloggers, both here in the US and in other countries. It’s a great community. Feel free to ask if you have any blogging or WordPress questions as you get started.

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