Zelda crosses the Grand Canyon

When Zelda spotted the "ditch" she came to a complete halt and suggested that it was time to turn around.
When Zelda spotted the “ditch” she came to a complete halt and suggested that it was time to turn around.

Okay, not really. But she certainly made it seem like the tiny little ditch that we encountered on the trail was known to suck horses down into them, never to be seen again.

Zelda’s a pretty rational horse who isn’t flustered by much, so I was surprised when she spotted this tiny drainage ditch ahead and stopped dead. Nope. No way was she going anywhere near that! She thought it was a great time to turn around and backtrack. No, she was sure that this was not the right way to go.

I provided considerably amusement to the dog walkers who came by me.

“Your horse is afraid of that?” Asked one of them, chuckling to herself.

We edged closer and closer to it, but it took awhile for her to believe that it wouldn’t swallow her whole.

At this point, I wasn’t chuckling. I was determined. My spurs were engaged. There was no way that we were not going over the “ditch”. We stood and stared at it for awhile, Zelda stretching her nose out and calculating the trajectory required to pass over it safely. Finally, she jumped it. From a standstill. Like it was four feet wide.

Pond view
Luckily, the view was very nice. I had a lot of time to look at it.

I sang her praises and then turned her around. It was equally scary coming from the other direction.

After she’d crossed it four more times she was willing to believe that jumping it was not really necessary.

She balked a little at the stream but most of the fight had left her.

We went on. And then we encountered the stream bed. Obviously, she could be swept away by the current, so this too required some thinking, some testing of the boundaries, and a hearty launch.

Thank God we don’t encounter any truly difficult obstacles!

4 thoughts on “Zelda crosses the Grand Canyon

  1. With all the rain we’ve had lately there are suddenly little “horse destroying rivers” all over the property. Many of the horses have had to have these discussions in the past few weeks. 😂

  2. I love love love how those big strong animals are afraid of simple everyday things we wouldn’t think twice about. I completely get how a horse can be afraid of a fluttering plastic bag, but an unmoving object like a small ditch? It’s hilarious 🙂

  3. It really is funny what they find scary. We’ve done 100’s and 100’s of miles … but the other day, a downed log was reason to fall apart. You just don’t see many of those in the woods 😉

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