Enjoying the Summer Solstice

Solstice Ride
Heading off on our Solstice ride!

June 21st was the longest day of the year. We’ve had glorious days around the Solstice — with the sun setting close to 8:30! You just have to take advantage of an opportunity like that.

Our hunt club holds an annual solstice ride and this year the evening was perfect. The oppressive humidity dissipated and we were blessed with a lovely summer evening.

I rode Zelda because I wanted a quiet ride. Freedom managed to spook into me that morning (more on that later) and stepped on me hard.

Zelda leading
As we headed off Zelda was pretty sure we were hunting. She was not pleased to discover it was a trail ride until I let her lead the group. Then she settled right down and got to business.

Unfortunately, no one read Zelda the memo. She thought we were hunting and she was mighty disappointed when we ambled off without any hounds. Who knew that a horse that big and solid could levitate? There were certainly several moments when all four feet were off the ground! I was seriously doubting my wisdom when the bucking started but luckily, I found a solution: I let her lead. We were in charge of the hilltopping group and as soon as she was out in front, she calmed right down, crossed every stream

Solstice ride
We did a nice loop around the edge of Estabrook Woods

and bridge and basically redeemed herself.

We rode a bit more than six miles and everyone in my group looked happy when we got back to the trailers for a tailgate picnic.

The only bad news is that the days are getting shorter now. After such a terrible winter, don’t we deserve a few more longest days?

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  1. sounds like a lovely ride! and it always bums me out that the days shorten just as summer kicks off in earnest – what’s that all about anyway haha!

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