Writers Wanted

Riding Writers Wanted! Share what you’ve learned with your fellow equestrians and submit your “How to” article here!

Are you an equestrian with the burning urge to share some of the things you’ve learned over the years? Are you looking for an outlet to write about all things horses? I’d like to talk to you!

No, not for Equine Ink. This is more of my personal space. But I’ve started a new website/blog called EquestrianHow2 — Operating Instructions for Your Horse. The idea came to me when I was searching for information for an Equine Ink article. There was SO much information on the Internet, but not all in one place and not all good (there’s a lot of mis-information out there, too).

Let’s face it, our horses teach us something almost every day! So let’s share it. I’m not in a position to pay for articles but you will earn many karma carrots and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others.

Editorial Guidelines:

  • All articles must explain “How to” do something that is related to horses or riding.
  • All content must be original (your own) and not published elsewhere (unless it’s your own blog).
  • Articles should be educational rather than promotional.
  • Please include at least ONE visual (photograph or illustration) to use as the featured image. The more pictures the better! Video is great, too.
  • Send your content or ideas to: equestrianhow2@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you! Together I’m sure we can put together a great site.



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    1. I hope you do! I’m happy to tag back to blogs that you write for. Maybe you have something that already fits the bill. I can also add your blogs to the Equine Ink Facebook Feed.

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