Who needs Aiken?

Seventy Three Degrees
Massachusetts has been having unseasonably warm weather this week. No one is complaining

Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve been having Aiken envy. It seems like just about everyone I know has gone to South Carolina this winter. Or Southern Pines.

hacking in the sun
Freedom and I had such a delightful hack in the heat. He even managed to keep all four feet on the ground most of the time.

Almost daily I am teased by Facebook posts of riders hunting, riders hacking, riders eventing, riders going to shows. I won’t name names, but you all know who you are. You are the ones who look like you’re  having WAY too much fun.

Meanwhile, I’ve been stuck making a living in Massachusetts and dealing with freezing rain, frozen grown and furry equines who are as fat and out of shape as I am. It has been making me cranky.

But not this week. This week we’ve had glorious, warm, springlike temperatures.  It may not be as warm as it is in Aiken, but at least I can stop being jealous. Even the 10 day forecast is looking good!


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