Thundering hooves

Zelda didn’t want to get caught for the farrier this week. It’s fun to watch her run. The earth shakes, and not just right where your standing. You can feel the tremors in the barn.

Feeling good
She’s always enjoyed a good run — and generally puts in a few bucks. I’d much rather that she get the sillies out before I get on her.

At least it’s fun for the first five minutes. Fifteen minutes later it wasn’t quite as much fun, although I did envy her endurance. Her pasture feels a lot larger once you’ve walked back and forth six or seven times.

Zelda was playing hard to get. She thought about letting me catch her a few times, but she was having too much fun. She knew I had a handful of grain and she’d let me get close. She’d even lean down and start to put her nose in the halter. Then she’d change her mind and off she’d go. I like that she feels so good and it’s fun to watch her run. But days like this you can’t be in a hurry. The only thing you can do is keep her moving. I don’t chase her, but I do try to keep her from resting — not an easy task when you see how big the pasture is!

I knew she was getting tired when she stopped for a drink. I needed a drink too by that point.

Waiting for me
Finally she stopped and waited for me. Not at the far end of the field, but close enough to approach.


Looking for food
Then she turned to look at me. Probably she was wondering if I’d gotten hungry and eaten the grain myself.
Ready to come in
When she turned to face me, I knew she was ready to come in. On her terms.

Freedom rarely plays hard to get. He’s more compliant. Or maybe he just likes having a job.

What about your horse? Do you have to play the catch me game?

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