Trail Clearing

Why is it that tree branches mostly fall on the jumps?

As a territory chair of a hunt club, one of my responsibilities is helping to keep the trails clear. Our hunt does a lot of trail maintenance, which is somethin

hand saw
I soon realized the limitations of my hand saw. It required a lot of muscle to cut through the trees.

g that other users of the trail system may not understand (when they complain about horse riders!).

Before the first hunt on the trail system that abuts the barn where my horses live, I knew I had some work to do. High winds and heavy snow had brought down quite a few trees and branches. Mostly, it turns out, over the jumps.

Day #1 I went out armed with a trusty hand saw. After clearing four areas I knew I didn’t have to go to the gym that day. It was exhausting! I gained a whole new appreciation for the strength and durability of branches — that hadn’t looked that thick from horse back.

storm damage
I started by clearing the little jumps, the logs that everyone likes to hop over.
blocking trails
I cut through the branches that blocked one of the trails
Larger jumps
Then I came back with an electric hand saw to tackle the larger jumps.
All Clear
All clear!

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