Watching the Heat Index


It sounds very whiny to complain about the heat when not so long ago we were complaining about the cold! We are now enjoying real summer weather here in New England and while it’s great for the beach and lounging around the pond, it’s been a bit daunting to ride. I’m sticking to early mornings and late evenings (although the bugs have been fierce) and short rides. Last night Zelda found the bugs quite distracting and after about a half hour, I packed it in. Still, it’s better than nothing. And it’s certainly better than a foot of snow on the ground.

4 thoughts on “Watching the Heat Index

  1. Ok, so I went to an event the first weekend in June. It was 102 at the event. we galloped CC in that heat. if they are fit, they don’t care. Bugs be spared, and I was outside of Chico CA, the mesquito capital of the world~!

  2. After some quick conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius turns out 90 F is 32 C (ish) and we are lucky if we reach that in the UK! Think the caution levels for my boy would need to start a bit lower 🙂
    So far, our summer has been pretty wet and not that warm – on the plus side, the flies haven’t been too bad yet…. The horse sun cream, fly masks and fly spray are ready though!

  3. I ride mostly evenings too. Once we hit the woods, the air cools considerably and we even feel breezes on some trails. Mostly my riding friends and I make a beeline for the creek, cool off, then leisurely gait home. The horses enjoy getting hosed off and a bucket of horse quencher.

    The bugs ARE dreadful. I get shook and tossed up in the air along with the flies and Japanese beetles. 🙂

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