The best of fall hunting

End of the hunt
Is there a better way to experience fall foliage than from the back of a horse?

Yesterday we enjoyed breathtaking fall foliage and an excellent day of hunting. There was a light drizzle when we started but it did nothing to diminish the color, it just added some atmosphere.

Freedom is still sidelined so Zelda stepped up and gave me a great day. While last week she was quite naughty, this time she was forward without any of the fireworks. She was a real joy to ride.

Before the hunt
I got to the hunt early enough to take Zelda for a short hack before we started. She does better with a couple of miles under her belt.
Looking out over the pond
I particularly love the trees which show multiple colors, even in the fog.
Beautiful foliage
The foliage was so beautiful that I almost forgot to make Zelda work.
The Disney effect
These colors were so vibrant they barely look real.
Hacking to the start
A great way to start the hunt!
At the check
At the check.

End of the hunt


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