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Zelda the Magnificent

Zelda has always been a big horse with an even bigger personality. Lately, she’s been telling me that the World deserves to hear her point of view. So I gave her an Instagram feed. Of course, she named it Zelda the Magnificent, because she is, indeed magnificent.

Zelda and her minionsZelda invites other horses (and their humans) to follow along with her adventures. Sometimes she lets Curly and Freedom in on the fun, although sometimes she just makes fun of them.

Zelda hopes that her human (me) gets her butt back in the saddle more so that we can foxhunt this season, but she also admits that taking leisurely strolls on the trails sure as heck beats conditioning rides for hunting. So she is torn. As long as her minions keep showing up to adore her, she’s basically a pretty happy horse. Now all she needs is a following.

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