A Very Tired Horse

Zelda yawning

Zelda was tuckered out after our ride yesterday. So was I. Although I’ve been riding regularly, I haven’t been out for a two hour ride for way too long.

Trail riding
Trail riding on a bright sunny fall day. What could be better?

A few friends came over to join us on the trails and we had a great time gallivanting. The only downside is that it was too wet to get to my favorite field, but everywhere else the footing was good.

Riding in company encourages me to move out more and we had a couple of good canters. Zelda, the alpha that she is, took umbrage when one of the other horses tried to pass her and I thought we were in for a bit of a tantrum. While under “normal” circumstances I don’t mind a bit of bucking and squealing, right now I’m more concerned with keeping everything under control.

However, each time I push my comfort zone and nothing bad happens, it makes me ready to do a bit more next time. Progress!

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