The Best Horse Chase Ever

Some days you just have to watch people riding fast. The legendary “cliff ride” in the Man from Snow River (1982) still stands as the most impressive horse chase scene in the movies. While many people assumed the ride was faked, actor Tom Burlinson (Jim) has confirmed that he did the ride himself. Burlinson wasn’t an experienced rider before the film, but he made several trips down the mountain for the scene, along with a stunt rider, and the footage was blended together for the movie.

Someone who has been to the scene reported the mountain was “scary but doable”.

Me? I’d rather watch it on video.


One thought on “The Best Horse Chase Ever

  1. Yeah, me too. I don’t think I’d try riding a horse down a slope that steep..or so rocky. What balls they had, shooting it. But every time I see it, I wonder……….was anyone or any horse hurt. Who in their right mind would ride down THAT? I mean, there comes a time when one has to think, what am I proving?
    The bad part is how so impressive this scene was that that it made it look too easy. As if everyone could ride this. This this specific scene so impressed my (now ex-) husband that he actually agreed to buy a long as he could have an australian saddle. He was convinced it was the SADDLE that made the rider. No, he wouldn’t listen to me, what did I know (despite many years of being a horseman) …and eventually the horse he bought taught him (the hard way) that he was no rider, Aussie saddle notwithstanding. Quite honestly, the ex had it coming.

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