The Horse Fund

Last week at the town dump, I found this in the swap area. I didn’t take it home because there’s an inherent flaw: It’s not big enough. As we all know, a horse fund needs to be a whole lot bigger to make any dent in the cost of buying or maintaining a horse.

When I was a kid I dreamed about buying a horse. I had one a bank — a piggy bank. I put my allowance in it religiously but even when I small, I knew that the chances of buying a “real” horse was somewhere between slim and none. Instead, my horse fund went toward the only obtainable horses in my reach — Breyers. I had quite a herd in my bedroom and we had many adventures, fueled by my imagination and countless Walter Farley books.

My horse fund has gotten larger over the years. What about yours?

One thought on “The Horse Fund

  1. Yes, I now have a “pony fund”. It is hefty, I must admit, because I’m lucky enough to not have to spend any of it! My friend, Sue, allows me free rein..quite literally, to ride her warmblood Raven as if he were my own. I help out: with supplements, with purchasing things like a safety vest, worming meds, etc: to getting his blankets cleaned, with holding Raven for the vet/farrier when Sue has to work, to go and be his friend. That’s where some of it goes. But most of it is adding up.
    But I too had a piggy bank that would never seem to ever fill up, as my allowance was one, meager, and two, had to be split between my dreams and the bloody church offering basket.
    I too spent what allowance I had on Breyer’s horses…and I still have them. I call them my Dreamweaver band, because they carried my dreams on their backs for years. I don’t know what I will do with them when I die.
    Still..I would have taken the Horse Fund bank home. Just because..the moment I saw your picture of it, I knew exactly what it was…and what it meant.

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