The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse — Preorder now!

Charlie Mackasy

Almost every day one of the wonderful drawings from artist Charlie Mackesy pops up in my Instagram feed. The wisdom of the animals as they guide the boy through his life and insecurities often reflects things in my own life. I’m not one for inspirational sayings (normally), but I do love these. In many respects I have the same reaction to these drawings as I did to A.A. Milne’s depiction of Winnie the Pooh and his friends who spend their time in the Hundred Acre Wood teaching us all what’s most important in life.

Since the original copies of the prints are beyond my art budget, I was delighted to find out that Charlie Mackesy is releasing a book of his prints. For a mere $16.99 I preordered mine on Amazon. The release date is October 10th. I can’t wait.

You'll catch up
The adventures of these four unlikely companions reminds us every day what’s important in life: Friendship, love and forgiveness.
Opening page
I believe this is the opening page of the book. Doesn’t it draw you in?

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