I’m just glad to have a glass

I'm just glad to have a glass

The past few months have been filled with stress. Not just because of my own recovery, which is going well, but because my parents have had health issues. Some days there is so much to worry about that it pushes all the oxygen out of the room.

Red Trees
I think that red is really Zelda’s color.

Then I find time to slip away and enjoy some quiet time on the back of a horse and I remember how lucky I am. Lucky that today the sun was shining (after days of rain). Lucky that the bright red leaves are still on the trees. Lucky that it was warm enough today to ride in a T-shirt.

Today’s Charlie Mackesy drawing appeared on my Instagram feed on a morning when I needed to remember that it’s not a question of whether your glass is half empty or half full . . . as long as you have a glass at all you are winning. And by the time I returned from my ride, my glass was full to the brim.

I’m not one who reads inspirational quotes, but I find that Mackesy’s drawings hit a chord with me. This is another of my favorites: Look How Far We’ve Come. I often send them to my daughter to start off her day. Whimsical sketches that pack a lot of meaning into a few lines.

7 thoughts on “I’m just glad to have a glass

  1. There’s the spirit. Whenever I’m feeling as if the world is too much, I look at what I have: my health, a loving spouse, my own home, and the freedom to enjoy it.
    It call it ‘enough’. I call it ‘now’. I have enough-I”m warm, I”m fed, I’m loved by friends and family, both 2 and 4 footed,..
    Maybe it comes from 21 years in the Army, when I served in countries where people didn’t have anything other than the clothes on their back.
    I have ‘enough’. And that’s enough. I have now. I don’t have to worry about yesterday and tomorrow isn’t here. It’s right now that I am enjoying.

    Do the vedic breathing, it will help with the stress.

    1. Spending time among people who have so little most definitely re-calibrates you to valuing what’s important. And yes, I’ve been trying the vedic breathing. It helps! And a glass of wine along with it helps too :).

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