Never Forget

Drawing by Charlie Mackesy

On 9/11 I was in the barn listening to the news on the radio. At first, I thought it must have been a small plane that had gone off course. Before 9/11, I can remember flying over the city on the commuter flights, so low that you could practically look into the high rise buildings. […]

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The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse — Preorder now!

Charlie Mackasy

Almost every day one of the wonderful drawings from artist Charlie Mackesy pops up in my Instagram feed. The wisdom of the animals as they guide the boy through his life and insecurities often reflects things in my own life. I’m not one for inspirational sayings (normally), but I do love these. In many respects […]

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I’m just glad to have a glass

I'm just glad to have a glass

The past few months have been filled with stress. Not just because of my own recovery, which is going well, but because my parents have had health issues. Some days there is so much to worry about that it pushes all the oxygen out of the room. Then I find time to slip away and […]

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