6 thoughts on “Pick a button!

  1. Indoor arena. I can get hay. But in my rain soaked, gray skies for months on end climate, an indoor arena is worth it’s weight in gold. In fact I could most likely get the hay for free as long as I let the seller use my arena. Any horse I want for free would be my second choice.

  2. Free hay for life – with what you save, you could probably finance the indoor arena in a few years 😉

  3. I’m on board for Free Hay for Life. My one horse is a beloved freeloader for life. The other one has everything she needs courtesy of the freeloader and hates arenas as much as I do. We don’t show, there’s plenty of free training advice where I board, and free horses turn up without me looking!!

  4. Free hay for life. I live in San Diego-I don’t need an indoor arena. Have no idea what I would do with a million dollars for tack. I have the horse I want and I only go to local shows (rarely). And, no need for free training.

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