All the things I never knew I needed — but the price was right!

The trouble with eBay is that it’s too darn easy to buy things.

I know better than to visit tack stores because it’s hard not to resist impulse purchases, but eBay has brought that temptation to my computer screen. Now I can peruse an endless parade of saddles (my greatest weakness) and any number of other accessories. The problem is, while there are many bargains (is it still a bargain if you don’t need it?) there are also some misfires.

Like that Schleese monoflap jumping saddle selling for a mere $710. What a bargain! Okay, so I already had well, two other jumping saddles for that horse, I didn’t have a Schleese! That one turned out okay. I rode in it for a year or so and then resold it for a bit more than twice what I paid for it.

But what about the three hunt coats that I bought that didn’t quite fit before I found the one that did? None of them were that expensive, but if even though the “price” for the one that did fit was only $30 (New, with Tags!), if you add in what I paid for the others (still sitting in my closet, some now with moth holes, making them worthless), the total picture isn’t so attractive.

I didn’t really need a treeless saddle, either. But after doing so much online research, I really wanted a Torsion Extra Light. So when one came up on eBay in my size, in buffalo leather and for such a good price, how could I resist? After all, with a treeless saddle, you don’t have to worry about whether the tree is sound — that was the problem with the Berney Brothers saddle that I bought for such an excellent price. Lucky for me I can now use that broken saddle as an example of what NOT to buy in a video that I’m producing that shows how to test whether a tree is sound (or not!). I’ve never had a saddle with a broken tree and now I have a prime example.

I guess the only good thing about eBay is that not only is it easy to buy things, it’s also easy to sell. Most of the things I just had to have, ultimately have found their way back on the site, and sometimes I’ve even made a profit.

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