Secret Fly Repellent Benefits Leukemia Research

The bugs are already out in New England, which caused me break out my fly spray. Since last year I’ve been using a “secret” recipe that I obtained by giving a $20 donation toward leukemia research.

The all-natural spray works pretty well — certainly as well as most of the commercially available sprays, it has a pleasant smell and it is made from ingredients that are safe to spray on both you and your horse. I’ve always felt funny about spraying what was essentially an insecticide all over my horse every day. This spray is safe enough that I use it on my children! I was able to find all of the ingredients on line from a single source, or you might be able to find them at a store that sells essential oils.

At the source of the fund raiser is Mr. Thomas Fletcher, of Flodden Edge Riding and Driving Centre, Northumberland, (also known as Thomas_1 on the Chronicle of the Horse discussion board). As of May 1st, donations for the recipe have topped $10,000!

So, before you go out and spend $20 on a bottle of commercial fly spray, consider trying this one.

The link to donate in the U.S. is:…=184&srcid=183

One thought on “Secret Fly Repellent Benefits Leukemia Research

  1. Well blow me down!

    Look what turns up when you try googling yourself!

    Thanks for the credit and endorsement for the product.

    I’m sincerely hoping that this year leads to more donations for this worthy cause and more horses rid of the pesky problem of flies.

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