Great Resource for Hoof Boots!

While looking for the best price for a new Easyboot Bare, I came across a great website for anyone looking for hoof boots: Hoof Boot Swap. This site offers people who have bought hoof boots that are the wrong size the chance to resell the boots and it offers a comprehensive listing of available hoof boots and how to measure for them. This is the only place that I’ve found where all these types of boots are discussed in a single location.

While on the topic of boots, I also found some excellent YouTube videos for Easyboots that provide detailed explanations on various hoof boot topics. This was the one that I was looking for: How to Replace an Easyboot Gaitor.

There are several other videos in this series that readers might find to be helpful, including a video that shows how to fit boots.

3 thoughts on “Great Resource for Hoof Boots!

  1. It’s a reasonable idea to swap hoof boots, particularly as they can be as problematic and upset any horse, particularly mental state. It’s therefore really crucial to find the right boots, Most of the time it seems to be trial and error from speaking to other equestrians, but I’ve found and renew my purchases of these Horse Boots, which fit perfectly.

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